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    An addictive game

    Okay all, I just came across this game a couple days ago, but so far it has me hooked, and it's only the Demo! Full game is to be on store shelves in a couple days from now. What game you may ask? I'm talking about Battlefield:1942! I had heard about it a while back, but when checking some websites on it the other day, I learned that the demo was out and highly playable. The game is a FPS an basically the Multiplayer demo takes place on Wake Island and you can be either an Axis or an Allied soldier. Soldiers are of about half a dozen classes, being: Medic, Engineer, Scout (sniper), Assault, and Anti-Tank (bazooka baby!). There's also tanks, APC's, jeeps, planes (fighter and bomber), and ships you can commandeer as well as land based artillery cannons and flak guns. This game is all out war and as long as you can find a server without "smacktards", you can have hella fun and great battles. Demo has a max of 32 players at once but full game should raise that to 64 players. I highly recommend this game for you FPS and war game fanatics. Link below is a really good site for info on it:

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    This is the second time today I've heard cool things about this game. I'm gonna download the demo when I get home and check it out.

    Another addictive game is Earth and Beyond, I have been playing the Beta version online and it's awesome.
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    I have been playing it since first release great game.

    Although I can only be a AA fighter
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