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Psst..Opinions on Gun control? Take this test first....
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Thread: Psst..Opinions on Gun control? Take this test first....

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    Talking Psst..Opinions on Gun control? Take this test first....

    Okay I'm getting some grief here- are they taking gun laws too far , so before we keep at it, I want to see what I'm up against.....

    So try this test - Enneagram Test

    This is me!

    <center><a href="http://www.enneagraminstitute.com"><img src="http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/icons/type2M.gif" border=0 alt="Enneagram" title="Take the Enneagram Institute's Free Enneagram Test"></a></center>

    Or if 36 questions is just too much you can take this test instead (which I suspect may be more suitable )...

    What Muppet are you?

    <table width="350" border="0" bgcolor="#8292FF"><tr bgcolor="#FF6B40"><td width="125" bgcolor="#C6CDFF"><div align="center"><img src="http://www.geraldfield.com/nadinesplace/muppetquiz/swedishchef.jpg" width="125" height="108"></div></td><td width="177" bgcolor="#C6CDFF"><p align="center"><font size="3" color="#950000"><b><font color="#FF0099">Yuoo ere-a zee Svedeesh Cheff!</font></b></font><font color="#FF0099"><br><font size="2">Yuoo ere-a a guud cuuk, thuoogh yuoo cun't speek Ingleesh fery vell. Bork Bork Bork!</font></font></p></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#8292FF"><td colspan="2"><div align="center"><font size="1"><b><a href="http://www.geraldfield.com/cgi-bin/unofficial/quizzes/sfesurvey.cgi?whatmuppetareyou" target="_blank"><font color="#FF99FF">Take the <i>What Muppet Are You?</i> Quiz!</font></a></b></font></div></td></tr></table>
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