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    i'm building a new system, my hardrive is used, i know its 20gig, but only 18 gigs show up, 18gigs is C: and D: is 2gigs but the D: doesn't show up in fdisk, and i want to make it all one disk, how do i do that?

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    Have you used fdsik to delete an non-dos partitions?
    Have you made sure your BIOS is current, and there are no problems there?
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    Did you configure your HDD using fdisk? Or did you use Partition Magic or something?

    If you go into fdisk and choose option 4 from main menu it should tell you whether the partition is NON DOS or whatever. I don't think the listing will show you the D: even if you created it with fdisk, since it is not a "real" drive. You have to display logical DOS drives in the extended partition to show the drive letter (I think).

    If using partition magic (or simialr, it should show the partition as NON DOS.

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