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    Ok. Here's the problem.

    Got a computer (1 ghz Athlon, SOYO mb, 300 watt ps, 256 mb ram, win98se) that has a Maxtor 15 gb drive. This is the primary drive. This drive was bought after the original Western Digital drive failed, had it RMAed, the new one failed, had it RMAed and finally got the one we've got now, all since Feb. of this year.

    So basically, the Maxtor is set up as master on primary ide, and WD is set as slave on primary...

    The computer boots up just fine, detects master/slave on both primary and secondary ide chains and lists all four drives (primary- Maxtor, WD; secondary- DVD, CD-RW).

    So the BIOS and everything detects the WD drive without a problem. But when Windows comes up, it only lists the Maxtor, and the DVD and CD-RW drives. If I go into device manager, under disk drives, it's got two drives listed. On the properties of one, it is the Maxtor, because it has the label c:. The other one, I'm assuming is the WD, but it has no label, and it's grayed out, so you can't assign a drive label.

    I tried moving the WD to the secondary chain, and BIOS detected it, but Windows still wouldn't. Any ideas?

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    Obvious question but you did fdisk and format that WD didn't you?

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    I guess Thursday was a really long day (and it was). fdisking and formatting NEVER, I mean NEVER crossed my mind at all. When I read your post, I did a Homer. DOH! Anyway. Thanks for your help. I guess my mind was in other places that day. I fdisked and formatted the drive and it's working now.

    Thanks again for restarting my brain.

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