[RESOLVED] Transfer data from "C" to "D"
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Transfer data from "C" to "D"

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Transfer data from "C" to "D"

    After updating to Windows98 have bootup freezing at Windows screen. Scan Disk changed names on some folders to DIR+#. Was told that this might mean that my hard drive is going. (Been working with Microsoft since 8-31 and they haven't been able to solve problem.) I have 2 hard drives - "C" has Windows98 and a few other programs -- balance is on "D". What is the best way to get my files and programs from "C" to "D" and removing "C" and making "D" "C"? Will this mess up anything I have on "D"?

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    ummm, if D is a seperate, physical hard drive and not a partition, just
    1) make a Win boot disk
    2) remove the c drive and set D as the master. Make sure you move it to the correct terminator on the ribbon cable
    3) boot off of the Win98 disk, and install Windows to the drive
    4) re-attach the former c as a slave (now it will be d) and copy what you need to the new c drive (former d)
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