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    smartcertified direct

    i have heard some things inregards to SCD,but I need the feedback from some professionals,any info would help

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    Well I had to look up what you meant ... Smart Certify Direct are just one of a zillion online training providers & are part of SkillSoft (who I had heard of, but not good things ) ...

    I only know of one online course advisor that I'd actually recommend & that's the Open University (you'll need to be in the UK to use that) as for the rest I'm convinced they are a bunch of sharletons, same old stuff consisting of endless mock tests with 'half-arsed' answers - by now you'll have figured I don't like any of these so called 'distance leraning tutors' ... all CRAP !

    Go to college/night school & get someone face to face if I were you

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    Perhaps a bit more info about what you are looking for would help here.
    What are you looking to be certified in?
    Do you have any yet?
    What are your current "abilities"?
    Some of what confus-ed has to say is true.
    But, perhaps, there are a few over here (US) that are worth looking into, especially considering the above questions.
    Anyway, you are in the right place for some insight.
    Good luck.

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    I have found the best way to get certified is buy a book (good one) and setup a lab. When you read a chapter, do what you read about several times in the lab. Then when you done with the book, take a practise test, find out what you are weak on and then study up. NOTHING IS BETTER THAN EXPERIENCE! The certification I had problems with with this method was CCNP. I could not get the experience because the cost of the equipment so I did take some advance Cisco classes.

    Also, if you can find some community classes, they tend to be cheap so go for it. Another good resource is a decent product for lectures is cbtnuggets. It only cost me through a a special about $300.00 for the complete MCSE. I liked them for MCSE. I would recommend that you stay away from boot camps or super expensive classes. Boot camps prepare you for passing the test, not get the experience you need in the field and I found that most expensive classes just read the book and do the work. You can do that on your own and save MONEY.

    About the lab. Just go out I buy/build a couple of cheap boxes and set-up a home network. I have a PII 400 with 512ram for my Win200/Novell test server. I change back and forth when needed. It works fine for learning how to manage different aspects of a Win2000 network. I also have a duron 800 for a linux box and a couple of really cheap systems as test workstations. I picked them up at a computer show for under $100.00.
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