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Thread: Toshiba Tecra 8000 No Sound

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    Toshiba Tecra 8000 No Sound


    I am trying to fix an old toshiba tecra 8000 laptop for my friend. The problem is that it works fine, but there is no sound. The sound is enabled in windows and it is enabled in the bios. So, now I am trying to replace the whole bios altogether, to see if that changes anything. Supposedly the bios is already at the highest version number, but I would like to give it a shot any ways. Also, every time I replace the sound card driver in Windows it says that the driver is enabled and working properly, but there is still no sound. I have not taken the laptop apart yet, but I am assuming since the driver is installed for it, that the sound card exists. If I fix this problem I am good to go.

    Also, I have been to toshiba's website and downloaded their bios driver, but it seems that I cannot boot off of it. Usually the computer is able to boot off of a bios update, but this bios is not bootable, and I have tried holding down the F12 key, but still no luck. This computer is able to however boot off of a boot disk perfectly, but not off of this bios 9.30 version.

    Can any one out there help me solve my sound problem. Please don't respond with stuff like may be your sound is on mute all. I wish it was that easy.

    Thanks for your help,


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    I'd treat BIOS flashing as a last resort for a sound problem. Is the fault there with both internal speakers and external?

    There's a CD sound problem on battery, with a Power Management setting to check:

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    & welcome again to Windrivers valensnow ... I have a real feeling of deja-vu !

    Can you tell me/us some 'stuff' please ...

    1. what version of windows ?

    2. All patched up ? so appropriate service packs etc, also most important any appropriate chipset patches (revised '.inf' type files applied) ?

    3. We are using powered not 'passive' speakers ?

    4. If you go to 'test' the sounds (in control panel try 'sounds & audio devices' & play a windows sound from whatever scheme - does the little play icon seem to let go of the file quickly ? or does it linger ?)

    5. There's more questions but I need to know what o/s first ... or the questions will be more confusing than the answers !

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    Add to that, if you go into control panel, multimedia, what is the default playback device, is it there but greyed out?
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    I have the same problem as valensnow

    Is there anything else that I can do?

    windows 2000 pro

    no patches

    laptop native speakers used

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    I used to have a Tecra 8000 that I loaded Win2k on, and it picked up the audio device no problem. Make sure the volume dial is all the way up (check which way its supposed to go) as well as the Windows volume control. Also, try hooking up a know good set of speakers to the headphone jack to see if you can get sound that way.

    BTW, don't leave that thing sitting more than a day or two with the battery in it. It drains about 7% or more of the battery per day. I left mine sitting for a couple of weeks with a good battery in it, and I had to buy a new battery.

    EDIT: I didn't even notice that this was a resurrected thread. I wonder if the original poster ever got it fixed.......if so, he should've posted the fix.

    So is this the same model of laptop you have?
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