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    Where to start?


    I could really use some advise on which certifications I should obtain and maybe get some suggestions about in what order I should obtain them.

    I have my AAS in Networking Technology and 4-5 years experience in pc (all versions of Windows OS), technical and Novell network support. I have my CNA but I have limited practical experience with actual work on servers - Novell or otherwise. I have "some" experience with IIS but I have no experience in Exchange, Enterprise - no hands on experience with NT or Windows 2000 server. We are primarily a Novell shop. I feel sadly under qualified to move on from where I am. It is not an option at this time to complete my bachelors.

    I would like to make myself more marketable to employers in this tough job market but I am trying to avoid being just a lousy piece of paper.

    What direction can I go in to gain some marketability? I assume A+ and Network+ are a given? Maybe MCSA? I have to admit that the MCSE seems pretty intimidating to me since I do not have the hands on experience.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have my A+ and Network+ and I have to say that they were retarded easy. For there, I would maybe go CIW or CCNA depends on what you want to or like to do
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    Have you considered going for some higher level Novell certs?

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    A+, Network+, and Server+ are all good choices from CompTIA. The MCSA would be a good choice also. Since you have so little experience with Windows, the MCSA would probably be the first thing you should go for. I would not bother getting more Novell certs since so few places have need for it. As always when somebody asks this question, I suggest you buy some good used equipment on Ebay and make a lab at home so that you can actually do the excercises in your books when you study for additional certs.
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