Installing Linux on a 400Mhz iMac
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Thread: Installing Linux on a 400Mhz iMac

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    Installing Linux on a 400Mhz iMac

    I have a 400Mhz iMac that I want to install Linux on.

    I'm a Wintel person wanting to explore Linux. I've installed Red Hat and Madrake on a few PCs and played around with it then this iMac was given to me. I know that the core of OS X is Unix, FreeBSD I think but I always like a challeng.

    So I have the iMac and I am downloading the ISO images of Mandrake 9.1 for the PPC then I will burn them.

    Then what? What is the next step to get Linux installed? Does the system become a dual boot computer? Can you install Linux and remove OS X?

    Thanks in advanced for the help.

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    I've never installed Linux on a mac to be honest, and I haven't installed Mandrake for years. I would think that Mandrake would completely over-write OS-X, however, you may be best served by trying a more linux-centric forum. springs to mind

    Cheers, and good luck

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    Thanks for the info. I was able to do some digging at and from what I can tell yellow dog linux is better for the Mac.

    So I am downloading the images now.

    I found A Companion to Installing
    Yellow Dog Linux 3.0.1.

    Click here for the pdf of A Compainion....

    That seems to answer how to get it installed.

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    yes I used to run yellow dog linux or gentoo linux onmy powerbook g4 400 mhz, there ez installs and run great

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    I've always used mandrake on Mac and had no problems
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