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Thread: Windows MediaPlayer - Internal Applications Error

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    Windows MediaPlayer - Internal Applications Error

    Trying to start Windows Media Player brings error message that"an internal applications error has occurred." wplayer2.exe is still able to play video and sound files (mp3), except when you try to play an audio cd (cda), it responds with an error message, 80040265,"Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported."

    I've checked an error 80040265 through the MS knowledge base and, after suggesting that the media be checked as to whether it's supported or damaged, it advises removing and reinstalling WMP. First, since it's native to XP Home SP1, there is no remove button in control panel. Next, given this fact and the nature of the problem, what would I try to install over the present version, version 9 or 10?

    Also, directly after the problem first occurred, I did a system restore and brought back a configuration from two days earlier with no success.

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    I assume you mean mplayer2.exe. If you have that on xp, then something is mucked up. That file is version 6.4 of media player. If memory serves, xp shipped with 8.0, and if you are running sp1 it should have been updated to 9.0. The file name for the newer versions is wmplayer.exe. Do a file search to see if its on your computer. If you have it, run it and check the file type options - some application may have installed the older version and messed up your file associations. You could also try running "sfc /scannow" from a command prompt. Installing 9 or 10 over the current version should work as well (it won't remove the other version, but it should clean up the file associations). There's not a big difference between 9 and 10 as far as functionality, but I like the interface better in 10.
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