Need Drivers for SiS PCChips M810LR
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Thread: Need Drivers for SiS PCChips M810LR

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    Need Drivers for SiS PCChips M810LR


    I was clearing some spyware off of a friends computer and accidently deleted something called "SiS Utility Tray" that I thought was spyware. Anyway, I ended up completely wrecking the Display.

    OS: Win98SE
    Mobo: PCChips M810LR
    Chipset: 730S
    Monitor: NEC MultiSync LCD1550V

    The only thing I did was find the drivers for the monitor, and installing them didn't do anything. I also tried a few SiS drivers, but I didn't track down the mobo name until now, so I'm downloading the ones for the M810LR (I think.)

    Anyone else ever do this and find a solution? Thanks.


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    Nevermind, I got it.

    I used Everest to find my mobo and then downloaded the right driver from

    Sorry if I wasted anyones time. Thanks again.

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