I am sorry for the length of post and not sure I'm in the right place but I don't see any other appropriate forum for my querry ..Ok here goes
A week ago I disconnected the computer from the wall outlet and disconnected the modem and speakers and put a different mouse on my computer ,
now I can't get to my desktop , it just hangs on the welcome to windows 98 splash screen …..I need to do something with a driver , but not sure exactly what to do when I get to the place in windows to replace the faulty driver ..
When I start computer using the on off button on the tower,it sticks on the windows splash screen and I can’t get to my desktop then when I hit the restart button on the tower it automatically directs me to the safe mode and a screen tells me the Bdbc resource dll in c:\windows\systems\odbccd32.dll
and it goes on to say "you need to re install the odbc componet to ensure proper operation " ( I guess this is a driver that got corrupted ?)
It’s a desktop driver , I guess that’s why I can’t get on to my desktop
3- It also reads Microsoft odbc desktop driver pack2.00 version 2.00.2317
j3lfsi wd97a and then it takes me to control panel and I see the icon odbc and click to open it and then first I get a screen that says data sources (drivers) on top j3lfsi wd97 a microsoft access driver
and in the driver application it tells me " you have to select the following buttons" setup, delete add, drivers, and options button plus close and help this is what each button will do when clicked …..
1-delete…. removes an existing data source , you have to select the name of the data source you want to delete
2-add ….adds a new data source if you choose add a dialog box prompts you for the driver for which you are adding o a data source , after you select a driver a driver specific box is displayed
3-the drivers button ….installs or deletes or displays information about an odbc driver
if you choose this then a dialog box asks you for the type of driver you want to install
4- options ….a dialog box prompts you whether to trace odbc calls and name of the trace file trace odbc calls stop tracing automatically and an x is in a little square by default trace file is c”\sql.log ( is this the one I need ? and then what do I do ?) I need help to navagate this , I am afraid to click anything if I don't know what I am doing .
If I click on the options button I have three choices
in options button

1- trace odbc…. calls when an application installer odbc , the driver manager checks whether this box is selected , if its selected the driver manager begins tracing calls to odbc functions , if it is cleared the driver manager stops tracing calls to odbc function
next is…. 2- stop tracing which automatically terminates the odbc
the device manager checks whether this box is selected and if it is selected the driver manager stops tracing calls to the odbc function and clears the trace to odbc calls check box
To start tracing again you must select the trace odbc calls check box and restart your application………………………………… ……………………………………….
3- Trace file ……it traces the name of the file to which the driver manager writes tracing information
to use a different trace file ..choose select file button on the left
Its all greek to me , I would appreciate help with this from someone with more knowledge about computers then I have ...So I can get my machine working again Thank You all very much and thank goodness for forums like this ...