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    Printing from Linux Question

    I have an organization that has several public access computers. The majority of them are windows based with a printer being connected to an XP Pro box and shared to the public computers. They are interested in Open Source and so I have set up one machine that is currently running Fedora Core 3. It has found the network connection for internet acces, but my main question is how to go about setting up for printing. I have done some with Linux and am still very much in the learning stages myself, so any input would be appreciated or suggestions if a different distro would work better for the current use.

    All of this could be leading to a complete change here as this is a non-profit and cannot afford the sky rocketing costs of the software.

    Thanks in Advance
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    You can try this.


    I have never had a problem installing a local printer with Linux, and having the right software installed "Samba" will let you print to a Win Box with basic network knowledge.

    Good Luck
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