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    TX PRO 2 Motherboard DRiver

    I Use a pentium 1 computer that uses a TXPro 2 mother board I lost the mainboard drive and I wonder if it is possible to download the board driver over the net

    I am also new In the IT thing!

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    Hi alphasimon, welcome to WinDrivers.

    The TX Pro II is a SiS 5598 chipset that was re-labeled by the PCChips company.

    If you are needing a full driverset including on-board components like sound, video or LAN, it would be best to identify the board, either by finding a model label printed on it, or by downloading the free Everest Home Edition which will ID which board it is. We could then direct you to a resource for the appropriate drivers.

    If you only need support drivers for the motherboard chipset itself (ie sound, video etc are all plug-in cards that you have driver disks for or Windows has its own drivers) then you can download SiS 5598 from:


    If you select the options "Chipset Software" and "Other AGP & IDE Drivers" enhanced IDE drivers are listed by Windows Version.

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    You can also use PCChips Lottery to identify your motherboard:

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