I dunno my sound card's brand!!!!
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Thread: I dunno my sound card's brand!!!!

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    I dunno my sound card's brand!!!!

    I dunno my sound card's brand!!!! i go to device manager, it shows that crystal soundfusion but i'm not sure whether it's my soundcard's brand?

    cuz now i hav the problem is that Multimedia audio controller shown to be question......how can i do?

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    Welcome to Windrivers Bam1234

    Crystal soundfusion is an onboard audio chip - the IBM driver is here . If you don't have an IBM machine, the driver may work anyway... or tell us the brand of machine or motherboard you have for the correct driver.
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    Ah, NooNoo posted while I was typing my reply and eating chicken...

    Yes, welcome to WinDrivers, Bam1234.

    A good way to find out a lot of information about your system is to download and run the free Everest Home program.

    If NooNoo's driver link is not the one you need, post the information Everest gives about your system type, mainboard and multimedia/sound, we should be able to direct you to the right drivers to try.
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