Pentium 4 (478) Temperatures
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Thread: Pentium 4 (478) Temperatures

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    Pentium 4 (478) Temperatures

    I'm wondering where to find info on what temperatures are acceptable on a Pentium 4 (Socket 478) I've got the alarm set for 60 Celsius and it is on constantly while running drive or memory diagnostics unless I remove the Side Panel.

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    I'm not sure which core it is, but it's only 4 months old.

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    How is the cooling in the case? My friend had this problem recently, he found he had no case fan in the front to intake air, and no rear fan as well, he added them and now the cpu runs much cooler.

    Check to see if all the case fans are running and that you have at least one in the front & rear.

    P4's do get hot at load, its not uncommon for them to reach 60*C

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    What temperature does damage occur at for them? The case ha s a rear 12cm fan.

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    You need a through flow of open the case it cools down, this is because air is flowing over the cpu heatsink that much faster. If the fan at the back is sucking air out of a case, it stands to reason that air must come into the case. If their is no directed flow of air, the fan at the rear can only shift as much air as comes in... however, if you blow air in, then the fan at the back can shift more air - increasing the flow over the heatsink.

    A fan doesn't cool, it shifts air. The heatsink relies on transferring heat to air around it. If the air around is being heated by the heatsink, but is not being moved away fast enough, then cooler air (ready to be heated by the heatsink) cannot replace it. Result - the cpu runs hotter because the air around it is heated faster than the air is moving over it.

    Damage is dependent on a number of things - intel p4's have a clever little step down procedure in which it stops itself frying by getting slower and slower until it finally quits. If your machine is sluggish, progressing to apparently locking up and that lockup is alleviated by taking the case panel off, then the cpu is stepping down because it is protecting itself.

    When I am rendering home movies to mpg2, because I have no hardware mpeg encoder, the cpu does the work instead. The temperature sits at a constant 61C, despite 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans.

    There is a specification somewhere at intel for temperature specifications, but it's dinner time so I will let you find those details.
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    As NooNoo said, P4's protect themselves, and damage occurs at over 70*C I think, before that the pc will show signs of overheating.

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