Sorry for bringing up such an old thread, I haven't been on this site in years. I recently rediscovered this mouse in a box in my basement and decided i'd like to use it again. I started searching for the drivers and i stumbled across this thread that I posted 13 years ago The original link i posted is dead, which is no surprise. It took a little creative googling, but i found a valid download link for the driver for this that works in Windows 10 x64. I figured that the chance of anyone still looking for this is slim, but i did, so someone else may as well.

the model number of the a4tech version of this mouse is the SWOP-80. I managed to locate the drivers for this mouse at the following link:

it installs a program called iOfficeWorks 7.80 which allows you to remap the buttons. I just played a few rounds of Unreal Tourmanent GOTY Edition (also found in a box in my basement) and it works great.