Turn on Power Supply without Motherboard
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Thread: Turn on Power Supply without Motherboard

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    Question Turn on Power Supply without Motherboard

    Good Morning,
    I have been looking around and have found two conflicting answers. I want to quickly test/turn on a power supply without connecting it to a Mobo. I have found that if you jump the green wire to a black wire with a paperclip and also jump the green wire to the gray wire. Which, if either are correct? Thanks for the input!

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    Turn on power supply.

    PC Power & Cooling as well as several others make an ATX power supply tester for under $10.00 which completes the required connections, provides a load and lights an LED if all is well. This is probably the easiest way to do it.

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    For the colors, go to this:

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    You can test a ATX power supply without a motherboard, I do it all the time when troubleshooting. I am experienced with electronics ... and if you are not DO NOT TRY THIS.

    *** MAKE SURE THE POWER SUPPLY IS UNPLUGGED FIRST *** Simply Jumper Pin 14 ( which is the green wire) to any of the ground pins which are 3,5,7,13,15,16,17 ( all which have a black wire). I use a paperclip to do so, just stick the paperclip into the connector like you would be pluging it into the motherboard.
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    just be careful, not every atx power supply will use the same color schemes for the wiring, as current could care less what color the insulator is around it.

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    Good point 3fs. Go by the pin number and you'll be ok.
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    I have a Dell power supply and # 18 slot is empty. I am just curious
    what that controlled or powered. Computer was given to me ,Pentium4
    but Agp video card and connector was almost twisted on board and harddrive
    was shot (NO GOOD) Called Dell and gave them service tag # and confirmed
    last owner now it was officialy mine. They transfered me to purchasing for
    new mother board. They wanted $325. For just the BOARD. Pulled Cpu and gave to brother now he has pentium 4 Computer with Foxxconn mother board. Have
    Dells power supply hanging around.

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    Powering Up A Standalone PSU Guide!


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    Quote Originally Posted by xpuser357
    I have a Dell power supply and # 18 slot is empty. I am just curious what that controlled or powered.
    Pin 18 - negative 5 Volt supply.

    The -5V was made available for legacy compatability with old technology. The ISA bus specification required it to be present, even if practically nothing actually needed it.

    It's disappearing from more recent specifications, eg SFX (small form factor) PSUs.

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    Just in case someone stumbles upon this page like I did via Google, you can test a PSU without a PC or motherboard simply by using the a paperclip to "connect" the green and black wire (any one of the black wires)

    Source: http://cyberst0rm.blogspot.com/2011/...upply-psu.html
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