Nice Collection of XP KBs
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Thread: Nice Collection of XP KBs

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    Nice Collection of XP KBs

    Someone named Kelly has put together this nice little collection of XP KBs focused on solving conflict problems:

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    Kellys Korner, that site is really good, tons of fixes, reg tweaks, etc, but if *anyone* is going to attempt to use any of them, always remember to backup

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    Oh .. kelly's korner, have you only just discovered this ? (rhetorical question he realises ) Here's the main site - Kelly's Korner - which also has links for 98 tweaks & hacks.

    Just remember when using this site that often explanations & effects of any particular change aren't fully covered (its done by an individual to be 'helpful' & not some fat megacorp you can sue if the advice is 'pants'), so techz's advice of always remember to backup sounds good to me

    (this I think will be more useful in tech tips, so I'll ask for it to be moved )

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    These are really nice collection.I have face some conflicts problem since last few days. I will checkout your article to find out my solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by petersampsons View Post
    These are really nice collection.I have face some conflicts problem since last few days. I will checkout your article to find out my solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slgrieb View Post
    Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
    There is no need for warn. I have not see problem since they joined forum. Violation you found, threat he believes he is not.
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