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    Domain issues

    being a silly bugger i've put my lan domain the same as my external host points to my internal server which i dont want although i've added an a host for the external ip address.

    I thought about changing my domain on the internal network to something else but SDS doesn't allow this even though there's this

    when i do a dns look up i get two ip addresses for my domain the external host one and my server on the lan. with a few niffty dns entries i've got exchange to work fine as it couldn't find the external server. The only real problem I have is that if I type in to a browsers it automatically points it to the IIS on the lan rather than to the external site. I've tried a few things in DNS

    I did try Service (SRV) record. Allows administrators to use several servers for a single DNS domain, to easily move a TCP/IP service from one host to another host with administration, and to designate some service provider hosts as primary servers for a service and other hosts as backups. DNS clients that use a SRV-type query ask for a specific TCP/IP service and protocol mapped to a specific DNS domain and receive the names of any available servers.

    But it doesn't work for some reason maybe because its conflicting with the IIS server but not 100% sure.
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