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Thread: Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 (Poll)

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    I have already bought an Xbox 360 .
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    I just bought my 360 last weekend and I'm quite happy with it. I can't wait for Halo 3. Dirt is the best game I have played so far. I want to try Bioshock and Command and Conquer 3.
    I got it for a great price with the hard drive and wireless controller but no HDMI port.

    I haven't heard any raves or rants about the PS3 other than my own about the price. Come on PS3 owners let's hear from you.
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    When I re-read this thread in light of how console sales (and particularly profits) have played out, I'm forced to conclude that we're a pretty savvy group here. I have to admit that in spite of my foot dragging and resistance to the notion of buying yet another toy, there will be a Wii under the tree come Christmas. I just can't keep saying "no" to my wife.
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    OH SLgrieb you must have a Wii... they are great! A gaming console I can actually operate!
    Never, ever approach a computer saying or even thinking "I will just do this quickly."
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    At last I decide to buy a xbox360, and is now looking for a good price for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesky
    At last I decide to buy a xbox360
    You already bought one last September.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
    I wont ever buy either as i think they are both crap...

    I prefer GOOD GAMES.... (Atari 2600,Colecovision,etc)
    Well this is a bit of an outdated thread especially with the indicaiton that the 720 is to be released in the near future.

    Personally the XBox is more lucrative since you have a larger selection of games, if that's what you're planning to use the device for.
    The PS3 is more cost effective as it used to be cheaper than a blue ray and can play blue ray disks, in addition online access is a perk and not an additional fee like the XBox.

    Coincidentally "good games" is a matter of opinion, as much as one may like "good movies" or "good sports". I'll play anything as long as it can hold my attention and has enough content for me to keep playing it.
    In my own view Consoles are good for FPS, side scrollers, simplified RPG, and sports games. Computers are good for strategy, MMO, RPG, and flight sims.

    P.S. can we put this thread to bed finally? It just is silly to see this debate still going on when the next gens are so close to coming out.
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    Xbox 360 vs Playstation 3 Poll

    I am looking for a Gaming console, one that I can also stream movies from the internet on...

    Which in your opinion is the best, the Xbox or the PlayStation, and why you think it is better than the other?
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