[RESOLVED] Xp install stuck in endless loop.
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Xp install stuck in endless loop.

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Xp install stuck in endless loop.

    I am trying to install XP pro on a laptop. It gets to "Setup is copying files" takes a good 5 minutes to copy all of the files needed but then just reboots and starts the install again.

    I tried using the option to wipe the hdd partition and create a new one the first time around and then formatted the drive. But after reboot it started the install again. It asked if I wanted to install over the current operating system and I said yes. (Although I cant see how there could be an operating sytem there when install never really eventauted.)
    But then it copied the setup files again and then rebooted and setup started all over again.

    It says setup needs to reboot and that setup will continue after reboot but it doesnt.

    ANy ideas how to fix this problem?
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    Probably a stupid question but have you tried going into the bios and removing the cd to start first?

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    No because in the past Ive never had to. Once setup starts and copys the files it needs it usually just reboots and setup gets under way. Well at least thats always what has happened every other time Ive setup XP.

    I did manage to fix the problem however. I removed the hdd and slaved it to my pc. Then ran fdisk, and formatted the drive put it back in the laptop, reset the BIOS and started again and XP installed no problems.

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