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    OS NEWS: Windows Vista Official Prices

    It's official, if you plan on migrating from Windows XP to Vista Ultimate expect to pony up $259. Pricing for the full retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate is $399. Unfortunately, OEM pricing wasn't announced by Microsoft today, expect the OEM prices to be a little lower.

    Pricing for full retail versions of the software will be Windows Vista Ultimate, $399; Windows Vista Business, $299; Windows Vista Home Premium, $239; and Windows Vista Home Basic, $199. Upgrades from Windows XP are priced at Windows Vista Ultimate, $259; Windows Vista Business, $199; Windows Vista Home Premium, $159; and Windows Vista Home Basic, $99.

    In the latest
    Microsoft press release, Microsoft has announced wider public participating in the Windows Vista beta testing program for Release Candidate 1 scheduled to be released this week. In addition, Microsoft says it plans to distribute RC1 DVDs to readers of a number of technology publications worldwide. They also state Vista is on track for volume license release on November 2006 and general public release on January 2007.

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    I'll stick with XP Pro for a looong while: I had the top notch beta version only available to military ( or so they say ) on my machine at work. I have 4 gigs of ram, a P4 2.8 gig chip with hyperthreading, and a Raptor hdd. My score for Vista was only 1 out of 5! I was also not impressed with anything but the wallpaper...
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    Oh how nice, everyone out there gets the bugs out of it and Billy just laughs all the way to the bank!
    How long before there is no support for XP and one is forced to go Vista?
    I heard it said Vista home basic is less functional than XP Home.... don't know if that'd true though... don't care either.

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    Damn! $399 for Vista Ultimate? Hopefully when it is released I can convince my boss to buy it and add a few licenses for me and another tech to use at home like we did with XP.

    Does anyone know what versions they will be releasing in enterprise? I hope it is not just the business versions.
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