How can I reprogram my Compaq Presario
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Thread: How can I reprogram my Compaq Presario

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    Cool How can I reprogram my Compaq Presario

    Hi, My name is Frankie. I have a Compaq Presario computer. The system tells me that the computer has a serious Virus. I've tried Mcfee and other Anti-Viruses programs and non seems to be able to fix my computer. So I would like to reprogram my computer to see if onlt that way It could be fixed. The computer shows to hard drive. One for backup and the other to save. What can I do? Can someone help me? I will appreciate the help very much.

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    We need a bit more information such as the model number of the computer and version of Windows you are using. Most newer compaqs have a built in restore partition on the hard drive that can be used to completely restore the computer to factory settings. I believe this can be accessed by pressing F10 at the computer BIOS screen when it is first turned on.
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    Actually, facevedo31, the announcement itself is the serious virus. Your machine is infected with a variant of Smitfraud, which is an entire family of bogus spyware and antivirus programs, including WinAntiVirus Pro, SpyAxe, SpySherrif, and way more relatives than I can begin to remember. The announcement appears to come from Windows, but doesn't. Most of the time, you can remove this pest without a huge effort. I normally use SmitfraudFix, but you may well need some other spyware removal tools, and I hope you have decent, up to date virus protection.

    You should provide the info BobIROC requested, and also tell us what antivirus and antispyware programs you are running. If you want to go it alone, here is what I would do: first, go here to read up on your problem and to download SmitfraudFix. After you have downloaded the tool, but before you run it, use Eset's online scanner. Next run SmitfraudFix per the instructions in the tutorial. After all that is done run Eset's online scan again. Don't bother to run Panda's online scan as the CastleCops article suggests.
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