Stumped with KUBUNTU version of UBUNTU
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Thread: Stumped with KUBUNTU version of UBUNTU

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    Unhappy Stumped with KUBUNTU version of UBUNTU

    So I'm stuck on 2 things here. First issue is my gaming pc is a 64 processor and I installed the 64 bit version of KUBUNTU and when I install the restricted drivers for NVidia so it will put the drivers in for the GeForce 5700 card I have in there it won't load the desktop after reboot.

    The second issue is also annoying and is seperate because it happens without the video card and isn't the cause of the video card issue.
    What I get is when I use the adept updater it will download files. For some reason if I update the adept files or the kernel or at least I think it's the kernel. I get an error occured while installing some files please try again. But it damages the installer permanantly and so I can't get any results unless I learn how to remove or uninstall this bad file that is in there. It also does this on my other machine so it's not a single PC that has this. In fact I've had it occur on all 3 machines I use on a daily basis. If anyone has any ideas I'd be greatful since I really am just now learning the (K)UBUNTU stuff

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    this might help with the video problem I don't do linux very often...
    Never, ever approach a computer saying or even thinking "I will just do this quickly."

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    Thanks NooNoo I'll have to try that out today or tomorrow. From what it says on the page it looks like a winner for the drivers issue. I guess there isn't anyone who has any input on the updater failure though. Hey at least I got one issue resolved though.

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