remove broken CPU pins from socket?
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Thread: remove broken CPU pins from socket?

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    remove broken CPU pins from socket?

    Title says it all. This user (genius), pushed the CPU down, bent several pins, and then kept going with it, I guess, until some of them broke off.

    I have 3 pins that are crammed down into the holes. Any idea on removal?

    Thank you.
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    Depends on how deep they are, you might have to take apart the socket (very tough) or you might be able to use 2 very hard needles (the compass - aka "pair of compasses" type) on opposite sides of the pin and try to pull it out. Another option that worked for me in the past, but is very risky and kinda last resort is to get a copper wire slightly thinner than the pin, put a tiny amount of solder on the tip, lower it into the hole and heat it just enough to melt the solder and solder it to the broken pin. Then let it cool and pull out, with some luck you will pull the broken pin too.
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    The problem with the 'fine' wire trick is that as soon as you try to touch the iron to it to heat it, it waggles all over the place.

    A fine sewing needle is a very firm item that will hold solder (or used to anyway) and can be clamped tightly with an insulating medium between it and the clamp while you heat it (sometimes asbestos is a GOOD thing).

    On a lighter note, the MIL asked me to remove a broken light bulb base from a socket and she knew about the 'potato trick', ie, use a spud to 'grab' the remnants of the bulb base and unscrew it.

    Since this was a high overhead light and her potatoes were large, I used the end of a carrot. Worked a charm.

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    He will need a cpu, might as well sell him a new motherboard to go with cpu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xpuser357
    He will need a cpu, might as well sell him a new motherboard to go with cpu.
    I agree, why are you wasting that much time on the motherboard unless it's A worth a lot or B VERY hard to replace.
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    Frankly, if the pins won't come out when you turn the board upside down and tap it, it's not worth the time you will have to charge to get the pins out against the cost of a replacement motherboard.
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    The first thing I try is holding the board upside down and rattling the ZIF socket lever around vigorously.

    I have had some luck with heat/cold -- hair-dryer/canned-air -- alternately heating the socket and doing the upside down lever fiddling and cooling the socket and doing the fiddling (changing tolerances with heat and cold) -- keep the board upside down all the while.

    The next step is pulling off the jumpers and CMOS battery to add to your collection and putting the board aside for electronics recycling.


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