[RESOLVED] windows xp reboots during startup
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Thread: [RESOLVED] windows xp reboots during startup

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] windows xp reboots during startup

    windows xp sp1
    40Gb HD
    Duron 1400
    512 Mb RAM

    I have a problem with a PC which reboots during startup of XP SP1.

    I have tried safeboot, and any option I use, the files get as far as
    C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Mup.sys, then a PC Reboot occurs.

    I have tried a repair install, a message returns advising that a previous version of windows cannot be found.

    Last update made to this PC was to configure Outlook Express 6.

    Can anyone help.

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    You need to test the harddrive i would say.
    Find out who made the harddrive and go get their diagnostic software.
    Test the harddrive.
    Also check that the fans are all running especially on the cpu as this could be a heat problem.
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    start by reseating the RAM. if you ever get it booted, update the service pack.
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    howie7, I don't think there's any doubt that your Windows installation is severely damaged. A failing hard drive is a good possiblility, so you should definitely do the drive test.

    Your simplest option, if the drive is OK, is to install a fresh copy of Windows rather than doing a repair installation. You shouldn't lose data files, but you are going to need to reinstall every bit of software you use, all service packs, etc. Personally, if you have a USB drive adapter or another PC where you can directly connect your drive, I'd probably copy the data to the other PC, format the drive and do a clean reinstallation of Windows and all your software. Even if the drive passes the diagnostics.
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    Thanks tp all. Checked Hard Drive. BIOS on bootup states 80 pim IDE cable not connected, although BIOS sees drive. Tried Diag software. This cannot see drive, so I've assumed HD has become faulty.

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    I have the same problem + another one. Most probably the first one causes the second one or visa versa. Please kindly tell me how the question of booting was resolved? the followings are full details of my problems:


    1- I can not boot up my newly assembled computer as specified on 2 bellow.

    2: I can not reinstall win xp on my newly built computer with P5KPL-E motherboard, Core 2 Duo cpu and two DDR2 memories, 2GB and 1GB .

    1- It started working alright after I assembled it. It was booting up from the hard Drive from my old computer. Then after a few days developed a fault. It couldn’t boot up any more. Each time, I put it on, after reaching win xp logo, it stopps going further and restarts from the beginning of bios, after which it presents an apology message for the failure of window to load and presents a list about how to load window like normal or safe mode. If I want to start it normally, it repeats the same thing, it stops at win xp logo and restarts at the beginning of bios and continues to the apology message. If I want to start it at safe mode, it will stop at the line bellow and go back to the beginning of bios and to the apology message.

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)Partition(1)\window\system3 2\drivers\mup.sys

    2- When I boot it up from win xp CD, it stops with error lines of 1 and 2 bellow with the message that the window stopped to prevent computer damaged with instruction to disable any driver, which is responsible, or contact the vendors. This happens after window loads all the files and just before the screen to install window or to do window repair comes up

    This happens even when I disconnect the hard Drive (boot up HD) from the computer.

    1- *** STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF748E0BF, 0XF78DA208,


    2- *** pci.sys –Address F748E0BF base at F7487000, DateStamp 3b7d855c

    Actions, I have taken but not helped:

    1-I have done memory swapping.
    2-I have booted it up with Western Digital HD installations floppy disk to format a new Western Digital Sata HD as boot up HD. Win XP and all files from my old HD moved to this one. This HD can boot up my old computer but not boot up the new one.
    3- I have updated the bios with help of my old computer with the use of flash memories and floppy boot up.

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    I have the same problem


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