Auto-installed drivers?
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Thread: Auto-installed drivers?

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    Auto-installed drivers?


    I have been running Linux for a long time now, but decided to try out Vista over the holidays (as I get the "Bussiness Edition" from the university I study at) since I haven't had any Windows version at all.

    I thought I'd try out playing some game on it and familiarising myself with the interface.
    The thing is that I noticed that the automatic updates installed drivers for my Audigy sound card and my geforce graphicscard (and possibly other stuff). Are these drivers anything to keep? Or should I go to nvidia and download the latest ones there, and if so do I need to uninstall the ones Microsoft has provided via Windows Update?

    Thankful for any replies,
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    Well first off Vista Business is not designed at all for gaming.
    That's not to say it wont work for it.
    Certainly games mostly want the newest drivers.
    What you got in the windows update were "certified" good drivers.
    The latest greatest are not always stable and sometimes cause issues.
    There is no need to uninstall the microsoft update drivers to install newer drivers
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    However, if you have issues with the Microsoft supplied drivers, you should try the drivers at the manufacturer site. Sometimes the older drivers are better for certain games. There is no hard and fast rule about drivers since it depends on how they were optimised.
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