How Do I Make My Computer Play Youtube Smoothly?
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Thread: How Do I Make My Computer Play Youtube Smoothly?

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    How Do I Make My Computer Play Youtube Smoothly?

    Hi guys! I'm running XP Pro. For some reason, when I run a video clip from Youtube, the streaming isn't smooth. Every minute during play, I experience a slight stop and jerk. I want to play clips smoothly without any sudden jerks. What do I do to XP to give me smoother streaming?

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    It rather depends on the buffering that's going on...

    If you look at the red line underneath the video, the red line is in two parts, a dark red line and a paler red line (like it's been grayed out) further along. Is the paler part of the red line ALWAYS way ahead of the darker red line and play position? If it isn't, then the stream coming in from YouTube is very slow. This means there is something up with your connection or the YouTube servers.

    So, if the YouTube server is slow (usually because there are a lot of people trying to watch the same video as you), you can't do anything about it. If you have a slow internet connection, you need to find out why.... having said that, your internet may not be slow, but you are downloading or uploading other things at the same time... leaving less bandwidth for YouTube to operate. In this case it is easy to fix - just stop anything else that is using your internet bandwidth.

    Think of the internet like a water pipe - if you are running a bath at the same time as the washing machine is on and the garden sprinkler is on, when you come to do the washing up, the kitchen tap fills the washing up bowl slowly because the water is going else as well.
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    The two things that can be done are;

    1 - get a better internet connection (like Noo Noo said, reduce other net activities or buy high speed, etc)

    - a related consideration is to ensure programs and services you have installed aren't periodically and frequently accessing the net. Many do.

    2 - set the data buffer to maximum for the player involved (where you can) and hope that helps you through the bandwidth dips.

    Sadly, buffer length adjustment isn't even available to adjust in the Adobe Flash
    Player and Windows Players are either only 60 seconds or 30 seconds maximum.

    A good piece of news is that the latest Adobe Flash Player has integrated a newer
    buffering method that does help (some).

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