first off, this is where you can get the driver from: go to tech support and then to drivers. scroll down to the middle of the page and you'll see CT5880. they have the win9x and nt driver.

here's the win9x version:

MSI or Microstart has this sound card built onto some of thier mother boards, i knew this coz i just bought a new computer and i've researched msi a bit.

i got my sound card from another computer.

i have the ct4810 and the chip says ct5880. it has 3 jacks on it (yellow, pink and green)and a gameport. if you have this card or a similar one, this is your driver. this is not the update, this is the real deal.

to install it:
extract the driver from the zip file into a folder.
win98se detected my sound card as "Multimedia audio device". i went into hardware manager and selected the multimedia audio device. on the driver tab i went to update driver. i clicked next, then search for a driver. i left all boxes unchecked except for specify location. in the space provided i put "C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\ct5880_9x". if you didn't extract it to your desktop, then just put where you did. it'll show you the pci128. you may not have the pci128 and i'm not too sure if i do but it worked. after this, i had one small problem. in device manager, there was "sound blaster pci 128 legacy device with an exclamation sing on it. to fix this, double click sb pci 128 legacy device and in the resources tab, click the auto resource setting button.

additionally, i've found the 2 and 4 meg wavesets. you can download them from extract them to your windows\system folder and in your pci128 properties in my computer, in the settings are you can select which one you want to use. i'm usin the 4mb version 3 waveset with no problems.

if you don't put these 2 wavesets in, you'll get an error at startup.

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