Windows 2008 Server functional level???
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Thread: Windows 2008 Server functional level???

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    Windows 2008 Server functional level???

    I have an issue quite similar to a previous posting ( and nobody ever answered it and I was kinda hoping that someone in here could help me now... maybe nobody is looking since there is no heading for Windows 2008 Server?

    I am looking for a list of GPO issues that I might have on a wondows 2008 server if my domain's functional level is "Windows 2000". I have a windows 2003 servers but they are not on the domain. I am not sure why anyone would ever install a windows 2008 server in windows 200 mode.

    Can anyone out there figure out one reason?

    Ideally I would love to find out what kind of limitations I have at present to determine if I can blame current issues on this domain functional mode or if upgrading it won't help much.

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    Well one reason would be if the old server was a nt 4 or windows 2000 system. In that case you usually set the function level to 2000 or 2003 SP1 install the new server migrate your AD remove old server after some time has passed then raise the domain function level. Here is a bing search you can read more at those links
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