The Internet through a Router
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Thread: The Internet through a Router

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    The Internet through a Router

    The Ubuntu system I just installed does not automatically connect to the Internet.

    This, I think is because I go through a router. Do I have to set up the network proxy preferences by hand? Is the HTTP proxy the same thing as the http address of the router?

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    I dont know a lot about Ubuntu.
    But i do know you need nothing like a proxy at all.
    The router is not stopping it either.
    Your problem is it did not install the network card correctly or at all.
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    Ubuntu is set as a plug and play system as far as networking goes. Unless you're using wireless. There have been some issues with the drivers for broadcom devices and it takes a bit of tweaking to get them to work. Broadcom devices in my experience with ubuntu have been random from it worked for a while but needs drivers reinstalled to it just won't work at all until you install the OS several times. The more information we have the more answers we may be able to offer.
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    It was a bad internet cable.
    When I replaced it, everything worked.

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