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    Question SB 5.1 Gameport Problem

    Ive just brought a Fire Wheel STR-100 (Maxxtro made I think) and I plugged it into my gameport on my SB 5.1 but when I try to add it as a game controller non of the settings will work or detect it as connected, but a bog standard 4 button joy pad will work.

    The Maxxtro web site says that no sepcial drivers are required for this wheel.

    Any help would be aprciatted

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    dont know if i can be of any use.

    this was lifted from:

    Connecting the controller to the PC:

    This controller is designed for use with IBM-compatible personal computers. Installation and operation on any other hardware platform can be done by user only at his own risk.

    Please prepare flat and dry surface for the steering unit installation. Prior to connecting, make sure that your PC has the game port. Practically every computer today has such port, but if you cannot find it please consult an appropriate expert about upgrading your computer and installing the game port.

    The game port is a rectangular socket with rounded edges and 15 holes for contact pins. There is only one way to plug the connector into the game port. Do not apply excessive force when plugging it in, in order to avoid misconnection or bending the pins.
    Connection procedure:
    Turn the computer off

    Install the steering unit on a flat dry surface.

    Connect the controller plug to the 15-pin game port of your computer as described above.

    Turn the computer on and wait until the OS loading is complete. Hardware installation is over. Proceed with installing the software (see below).
    This game controller uses a standard connection scheme common for all the game devices of such kind. If you failed to connect the controller to the game port or did not find the game port on your PC, please contact your supplier for further assistance.

    Software setup:

    Some games (especially old ones) work with game controllers directly, bypassing the operating system routines. You do not have to set up software with such games, for they detect and calibrate the controller by their own means. However, for most new games you have to install and calibrate the device in the Windows operating system.

    If you are using an operating system other than one of the versions of the Microsoft Windows, such as Unix, Linux or OS/2, please refer to the User's Manual of your operating system to find how to install and set up game controllers.

    ATTENTION! The controller does not require an external driver in order to work.
    Setup procedure:

    Double-click "My Computer" icon on the Windows desktop, then choose "Control Panel" and next - "Game Controllers".

    In the "Game Controllers" window that will open, click "Add" and then choose "Custom".

    The next window may look different depending on the version of your OS. You need to install the device with 2 axes and 4 buttons. Please also specify the type of the device: "Race car controller".

    Type "Thunder Wheel" in the "Name" field. After that, click "OK".
    If everything is done correctly, the new device will appear in the "Game Controllers" window. To finish the setup you have to calibrate the joystick and test it works.

    Calibrating the controller:

    The controller should be calibrated immediately after the setup. The goal of the calibration is to register in the computer memory how far can the handles be turned against stop in all directions and to find out the range of possible movement of all the controls. During the calibration, you will see a rectangle with a black cross-shaped aim inside. This aim shows the controller's position and responds to its movement. Thus, to perform the calibration you have to move all the controls of the controller several times in all possible directions.

    It is done in the following way. While keeping the acceleration pedal fully pressed turn the steering wheel against stop in each direction several times. Do the same with the brake pedal. When the system requests to put the steering wheel in the neutral position, just release both the wheel and the pedals and then press any button.

    After the calibration is done please check if the device is calibrated correctly. If not, please repeat the calibration procedure. With correctly calibrated controller in the neutral position the aim must be exactly in the middle of the rectangle, and with the steering wheel turned to an extreme position the aim must move in the corresponding extreme position close to the border of the rectangle. For example, when the wheel is turned clockwise against stop, the aim must move to the middle of the right side of the rectangle.
    Calibration procedure:
    Double-click "My Computer" icon on the Windows desktop, then choose "Control Panel" and next - "Game Controllers".

    In the "Game Controllers" window that will open, click "Thunder Wheel" on the list and then click "Properties".

    In the next window click "Calibration" button and follow the instructions that will appear. Please follow the principles stated above during the calibration.

    After the calibration click "Test" button and check (as described above) if the device is calibrated correctly.

    Setup is done.

    Operating the game controller:

    The game controller Maxxtro Thunder Wheel is designed for controlling automobiles or other moving objects in computer games. Almost every computer game has its main menu from which the game is launched or exited and all kinds of settings are made. The look of this menu and its contents can vary from game to game. In many games, control by default is set to keyboard and mouse. In this case, you have to enter the settings page and re-assign the control functions to your controller. It must be noted that you can assign any functions to all the buttons and handles of the controller. For example, set it so that turning the wheel to the left would correspond to acceleration action, instead of conventional speeding up, or program a button to make a game object move down, and so on.
    Enjoy playing your favourite games

    if you did all that, it should work. if it dont, then get back to us..!

    Mr Miyagi, by any other name... (is this sig short enough?)


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