All USB Ports Causing ERROR Blue Screen After Widows Reinstall
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Thread: All USB Ports Causing ERROR Blue Screen After Widows Reinstall

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    All USB Ports Causing ERROR Blue Screen After Widows Reinstall

    Hi am in Dire straights here Error on the blue-screen is:
    Stop: 0XC0000005, OXf89778EA, OXF89777EC, OF89774E8/ Check Hardware Vendor for Bios Up dates Disable Bios Memory Options Such as Caching OR Shadowing.

    I did a reinstall of WIN XP from the original DELL OS Disc! The first time the DELL devices Disc did not work but I have since Run and installed the Drivers from it. I have also installed from the DELL site I believe I have done it in the Wrong order.
    Tried to update the Dell A05 BIOS and it Failed probably cause it’s already installed.

    I installed the Chip-set , Checked Device drivers/ Disk Management / Checked USB Devices/ No Yellow question Marks /Properties Says Device Working.

    I get a blue screen from turning on the Printer, Western Dig 1Terr External HD, and USB’s, even when I reboot with them still attached the Most curious thing Is In F2/ System Start-up/ I have under

    Integrated Legacy Devices - USB controller NOT Installed"

    Yet in Comp/Manager Devices/ USB / all are reading as working properly?

    I have Uninstalled In My Com/Manager/Device Drivers/ all the Listed USB devices and reinstalled them there are no Yellow Query’s no change.
    I know I will have to Reinstall Win XP Is their any way I can find a Tidy little Package of Drivers for my computer so I can do a Reinstall as DELL drivers are a dog’s breakfast and they quote 2 different Orders to install them? But you have to install the “Ethernet driver” first so I can have a Internet Connection to Download the others when DELL say install the Chip-set Drivers first? When do I install Network Frame 4 and the upgrades?? Any Help Please I have been assisted in another Forum but we are nearly at a standstill and they have tried so hard to help me this has gone on for over 2 weeks now, and seeing as this forum specializes on Drivers I thought I would just inquire here!
    Here is all the Drama from the other Forum 3 Pages of it:

    Thanks hope you can help anything would be appreciated Dasha

    DELL Dimension 2400 Desktop 2006 Windows XP3 /
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    I had something similar happen to a buddy of mine, found out that a few weeks ago he had a few too many and slammed a flash drive into a rear U.S.B. port and broke the plastic off inside the port, causing the tines to short out and cause all sorts of problems. I would get a flashlight and check all ports to see if this is the case. If so, make sure the machine is unplugged form AC power, gently straighten the metal "fingers" and never use that port again. If this isn't the case, you have to ask yourself if you have some malware running, did you load Service pack 3, etc. Good luck!
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    Have you tried booting up without the printer and/or external drive connected? Some Dells get angry with certain USB printers plugged into the front ports as well. Additionally there is a chance that a bad USB cable is causing the mess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasha View Post
    Tried to update the Dell A05 BIOS and it Failed probably cause it’s already installed.
    F2/ System Start-up/ I have under
    Integrated Legacy Devices - USB controller NOT Installed"
    That is a hint that something went wrong with the flash. Can't tell if the BIOS is corrupt or not at this point, but IMHO the very first step is to re-flash it with the correct version for the motherboard model/revision and then make sure you enable the USB controller(s).
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    Angry Solved Thanks To You All For Responding

    I solved the problem at 0130 this morning Well it's Dell's problem actually Unbeknown to me when Reinstalling Windows XP/ OS with the DELL installation Disc (S) that came with the Computer the Intel USB Drivers did not self install. Three weeks of frustration and hour's and hours of wasted time of a lot of people like you Guy's who tried to help me" just because DELL can't get it Right and really don't care their Drivers and Download site is a Dog's Breakfast with 73 different Drivers for my computer and only one is detailed.

    I installed as normal and then thinking that was it for the DELL Windows XP Disc' I then inserted the Dell DEVICES and DRIVERS Disc to finish the installation. That should have been it BUT the WINDOWS XP disc had failed to install the 3 Universal Serial Bus controller's Had I known all I had to do was what I did at 01.30 am in a last ditch attempt before Redoing the whole process which would have been For Nothing. I Went to My Computer/ Right-click/ Manager/Devices/ Universal Serial Bus controller's and did the Right click/ "Check for new Drivers" on every one of them" except Mouse and Keyboard as they are wireless!

    I had done this at least 5 times before and each time it said the drivers were working OK and no updates could be found" THIS time I Inserted the DELL Windows XP disc and low and behold it installed the 3 Drivers and all the all the USB Ports worked and no Blue Screen!

    Nowhere in the Installation advice from Dell from the Driver site or anywhere else does it say too make sure they were Installed and you have to do this?
    So when you think it's all done by running the Windows XP Disc" think again? I suggest on the Install when its complete Do what I did and Manually check each of those drivers' one by one while that DELL XP disc is still in the D// Drive /Thanks Guy's Dasha

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