Server 2008 R2 Document Folder Redirection GPO
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Thread: Server 2008 R2 Document Folder Redirection GPO

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    Server 2008 R2 Document Folder Redirection GPO

    So i've noticed a strange behavior in the user policies of Server 2008.

    Here is what doesn't work:

    Document Properties GPO - Basic Redirect everyone's folder to the same location

    Target Folder location: Create a folder for each user under the root path
    Root path: \\servername\users$

    It indicates that the folder will be redirected to: \\servername\users$\Clair

    If I remove the dollar sign it shows the proper path of \\servername\users\Clair\My Documents

    How can I keep the share hidden and still have the my documents folder created under the users folder? This was possible on Server 2003 and prior. What's going on?

    Oddly enough if I don't end the file path with a hidden share I can do the redirection properly.
    The new path I am using is \\servername\userdata$\users
    Which results in having a redirection location of: \\servername\userdata$\users\Clair\My Documents

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