VIA Vinyl USB drivers for Windows 8
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Thread: VIA Vinyl USB drivers for Windows 8

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    VIA Vinyl USB drivers for Windows 8

    I need working driver for VIA Vinyl Envy USB (VT1620A) for Windows 8, but on are drivers only for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Do you have any idea?
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    Welcome to WinDrivers, JulienCh! Since Via doesn't provide a Win8 driver for your Envy, yet. You may be out of luck. You could try installing the Win7 driver from Via, but my reading of Via's site suggests this won't work. Still, it's worth a shot if you haven't tried it already. You might also try going to Device Manager, finding your non-functional device and using the Update Driver feature to search the Internet. It's possible that Microsoft has written a driver for your Envy.
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    Well, thankfully they have updated the site to include most Windows OS so you should be able to download any VIA driver for your computer. If you can't you can always look for the best Windows update software tool such as:
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