[RESOLVED] How to uninstall a deeply-embedded driver?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] How to uninstall a deeply-embedded driver?

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    Arrow How to uninstall a deeply-embedded driver?

    This e-mail seeks detailed instructions on how to uninstall a device driver. I am reasonably competent with PCs, having been using them intensively for over ten years now, but cannot remove a specific driver from my system whatever I do. I need to do this in order to install a driver that should do the same job, but which is quite different (ie I can't do a simple replacement or update)

    The driver: is for a Yamaha external synthesizer module that runs from the serial port of my PC. It serves to pipe the output of my software MIDI sequencer through the COM2 port to the Yamaha MU-10 module using a To Host lead. It is installed via the 'Add New Hardware' setup procedure on my PC

    Components: the driver seems to have two active component files, entitled: 1. Yamser.386 2. Yamser.drv

    OpSys: Win 95

    'Add/Remove Programs' dialogue box: I have tried removing the driver via this Win 95 function, but the driver does not appear there (and never has, as far as I remember)

    I conclude: that there is no way of automatically uninstalling the software, and need some form of manual uninstall

    Locked into the system: it seems that my PC installs the Yamser driver when it boots up. If I subsequently go to manually delete the Yamser files through Explorer, Win95 informs me (not unreasonably) that I can't delete them because they are being used by Win 95

    Uninstall file?: there seems to be no uninstall file or procedure on the supplied Yam MU-10 install disk, and nothing about uninstallation in the README files, so no luck there

    Present stage: I really am at a loss as to what to do now,and I really need to get that new driver installed

    Any suggestions gratefully received


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    Boot to safe mode. Delete the drivers which will not be in use then. Reboot and install the drivers you want.

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    Well I did finally uninstall the problem driver

    To do so it was necessary to edit the Win 95 registry and another internal opsys file - WIN.INI I think

    I would advise anyone with little PC experience *not* to do this because it can have severe effects on your PC! It might not boot again, and you might lose important PC functions if it does indeed boot up....


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