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    Intel Modem Drivers - Help!

    I read somewhere that 75% of us live on the east or west
    coast of the USA. My cousin is definitely not in that category!
    He lives in a very remote and almost completely rural town.
    They have unreliable broadband, which means a backup
    modem is important.

    He can't find a direct link for this driver package:

    Intel 536EP Modem v4.77.8.3 (Windows XP 32-Bit)

    There are dozens of driver sites that list version All
    these sites popup an executable file which could be full of
    junkware or even worse, trojans that will hijack your computer.
    Trusting that nothing but the drivers will be installed is too

    I'm a "free" member of After logging in I
    quickly found a link for a zip archive with the modem drivers.
    It's another redirect scam. You must download their online
    installer, not the zip archive.

    If there is a direct link for version I can't find it.
    Can someone help me find a direct link?
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