We know the Xbox 360 is out, you can buy it right now infact, its not exactly cheap, but its currently the most powerful console money can buy. Yet Sony is saying, "wait for our PS3, coming in November at a start price of ~US$ 600".

Estimates put the Xbox 360's price in November close to 150$ less than it is now(core console is now ~US$ 300), and it will be stocked in plentiful numbers. By November, when the PS3 is launched, you're going to have a frenzy no doubt, games like GranTursimo are only available on the PS consoles (just as Halo is only there for the Xbox), and aficionados are not going to be deterred by the price, this means a definite shortage of available consoles for the masses, again giving the Xbox an advantage.

Specs comparison of both consoles, here.

Personally, I'm a pure PC gamer, I see the need for a console, but at prices these days versus the prices older generation consoles used to be, its either a full out PC or a console for me, and the former holds alot more value in my mind.

What are you going to buy, or already have bought?