windows 10 and true vine internet
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Thread: windows 10 and true vine internet

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    windows 10 and true vine internet

    I have truevine internet installed on my asus x200ca. My truevine filtered internet will not work correctly. I uninstalled true vine once and everything worked correctly. The problem is that startup is over and than maybe tree or four minutes later I cannot browse any websites except yahoo and a couple others than browsing becomes very difficult and usually times out. I was lucky to be able to get to this website. How could I totally verify that truevine is the problem? And I would like to fix the problem without uninstalling the software.

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    Boot Windows 10 into it's "Safe mode with Networking" mode and try surfing the 'net. If it works okay now, then you will know that something running in Windows 10' "normal mode" is causing the problem.
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