2600 vs 3600, for a brand new build?
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Thread: 2600 vs 3600, for a brand new build?

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    2600 vs 3600, for a brand new build?

    I have been collecting parts for a Ryzen system. Getting things at discount when I can.
    Currently have an MSI B450 A-Pro, 16gb of Gskill Flare X 3200 and a Fractal Design Focus G in gunmetal grey ( dark themed computer, few white lights I think, nothing more )

    Ryzen 3600 worth the extra $66 with all of it's current compatibility issues or should I just grab a 2600 or X and forget about it for now? I've been kind of just waiting for the platform to mature and figure I can deal hunt a bit. But I do want a new computer.
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    The performance of Ryzen 2600 is very impressive and It is also affordable than 3600. I believe 2600 would be a good choice for you.
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