[RESOLVED] Oak tech chipset, ???? Video Card
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Oak tech chipset, ???? Video Card

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    Post Oak tech chipset, ???? Video Card

    I have an Oak Technology Chipset(OTI067) video card but have no idea what/who actually made this card. When I plug it in and get the correct driver: The screen is a B&W like-color but with lines.
    I am sure that the problem is the SW settings.

    I have been to the Oak Tech site and have found their 067.txt file which is a list of switch settings but it doesn't really help as there is no card display for the layout of the switches.

    Here's some of my system information(if it helps):
    1. running Win95, 486DX4-100
    2. VGA Monitor

    Here's the current settings of the video card:
    sw1: off sw2: on sw3: off sw4: on
    sw5: off sw6: off

    JP1: 1-2
    JP2: 2-3
    JP3: 2-3(non-interlaced)

    Markings,etc on video card:
    FAB NO. 1067162008

    I can NOT find anything that looks like a FCC ID#.

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    Probably the only thing that you can do is keep flipping switches until you find something that works. I would first boot the computer in DOS and find something that works there, and then move to Win. The driver for this card is the "Standard VGA" driver, I think. You will probably have to turn the computer off and back on every time you try a new setting. You can try pushing reset every time, but I don't think that is adequate.


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