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    I have a Diamond Viper V550 AGP video card with the last driver version, unfortunately it is not directx certified so I am having display problems with a game Baldur's Gate. It was suggested I install a reference driver and like a dummy I tried without reading the part about uninstalling the current driver first and setting the display to VGA. I have had all kinds of problems since, I also downloaded and installed the wrong type (PCI instead of AGP) I don't know how much trouble I have cause with that but right now I have the .0255 driver reinstalled and cannot seem to unzip the agp driver from nvidia and install it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am hoping that things are back to "normal". I have an AMD K6-3 400 mhz 128 mb ram, 12 gb hd, it was built by a local guy who offers no support. I wish I got a gateway.

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    Did your game cutoff while playing it and go to the desktop screen? Just wondering because I am having the same problem with the V550 AGP.

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    Concerning the PCI driver install over your AGP video card, don't fret. It is possible to use AGP and PCI drivers interchangeable. Although this isn't recommended it shouldn't hose your machine up.

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