[RESOLVED] Easy way to use 2 drivers?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Easy way to use 2 drivers?

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    Question Easy way to use 2 drivers?

    I have a Celeron 366 clone with 64MB RAM and a Rage Pro Turbo (8MB AGP). I need the latest ATI drivers to prevent freeze-ups in Internet Explorer 5, but I need an earlier driver to run Star Wars Racer. (Using the latest driver, I get blank, pastel colored boxes where the menu should be, and lousy graphics). Is there a way to switch easily between drivers? Thanks.
    Edison Stewart

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    Paul Plak


    First make sure you really need two different drivers. If switching to a different resolution / color depth is enough to stabilize your game, you can consider adding "QuickRes" to your system. It's a PowerToy coming with TweakUi that you can find on the Win95 sites.

    It will switch immediately between any resolutions available with your current driver. I use it when games display at 640x480 to avoid empty screen areas and have a full screen display.


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