[RESOLVED] SiS 5595 AGP Win98 Drivers for SiS 530 m/b
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Thread: [RESOLVED] SiS 5595 AGP Win98 Drivers for SiS 530 m/b

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    Lightbulb SiS 5595 AGP Win98 Drivers for SiS 530 m/b

    I have an SiS530 SUPER TX100 type Momboard of unknown manufacturer date stamped Feb '99. It has onboard 2-8Mb AGP (SiS chipset suspected), that only gives 16 colors since I don't have the AGP drivers needed for 64K etc colors on my 333 Cyrix MII machine. I didn't get given the installation CD for this momboard. Can Someone suggest an exact type and source for Win98 AGP drivers (circa~1999) to get this video up and going?

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    easy go to www.sis.com.tw & download the

    sis 530vga driver it should work fine mine did anyway 6 disk driver & ide 5595 driver as well

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    You may have a Houston M598 sold by PC-Chips got to:

    there you can get the manuals and download all the drivers.

    this board and others quite similar are sold by a lot of different companies like Pc Chips, Alton, Pcware, Eurone, Amptron, etc. most of these boards by these companies are all made by the same company in Taiwan, which I believe is Hinsg Tech or something like that.


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