Since I installed Win 98, I've had sysetm lockups at random times (sometimes things go fine; other times it locks up repeatedly). Nothing will allow me to escape except shutting down using the switch. I tried downloading the drivers for win 98 from SiS but when after installing these, I get a fatal exception message "OD has occurred at 034F:00005603" when the system boots. I've tried decreasing my acceleration settings and at 1/3 and "none" I get the same fatal error message on bootup. Just to complicate things when the fatal exception message comes up, I get only 16 colors. The only way around this is to boot in safe mode, remove the drivers, and let Win 98 install it's 5597/98 drivers...Then I work with the constant knowlege that the lockup will come again, in an hour or a day. I'm using a pentium mmx 166mhz processor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.