Voodoo 3 Heating problem
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Thread: Voodoo 3 Heating problem

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    Red face Voodoo 3 Heating problem

    My STB Voodoo 3 gets very very hot.(i cant touch it with my hand mor than 1/2 second).
    it seems like a 200 celsius temp on the heatsink. is is normal.
    i read in anandtech that it has to be about 135 degrees f but it looks like twice as much. any one measured the temp accuretly ?
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    I haven't actually taken its temp but i know what you mean Ive just fitted one to a friends pc. He Didn't have a clear air flow from his psu fan to his heat sink, so it got very hot, very quickly. We fixed it by fitting an extra fan in the case flowing directly over the heat sink.
    Hope this works for you and that you card wasn't wrecked by the heat.


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