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    Lightbulb 3D Rage Pro Turbo Chipset

    What happens (steps does the computer take) with the drivers and the
    video card when you try to initialize higher color
    depths? We are hoping that by knowing the process we can resolve our
    issue with your card. This seems to have happened when we upgraded to
    Internet Explorer 5 What steps does the computer have to go through to
    do this? Does it use different dlls? Our problem is that in our program
    all of our buttons disappear when we
    try to open our program in 32 bit color. If we start our program with a
    color depth of 24 bit it works. We are currently trying to find a fix...
    do you have any ideas? We would really appreciate any help that you
    could extend our way. The current card that we are using is your expert
    98 with the latest drivers that you have posted on your website... the
    chipset on the card says Rage Pro it is an AGP card. Under the display
    properties the driver name says, 'Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2x (English)'
    Software version 4.11.2560.

    Thank You.

    Victor Molina
    EZ Data Inc.

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    Hi Victor,

    I don't know the nuts and bolts of changing video display modes, but I don't believe that a different driver is used when changing between modes. Is there a reason that you have to set your display to 32-bit color? I normally run 16-bit color which gives me all the color depth I need and a faster display. I would think that leaving your display set at 24-bit color would be more than sufficient and you wouldn't have to be constantly swithing modes.

    BTW, this is a public forum - we are not connected in any way to ATI, so I'm almost certain that your video card is YOURS and not mine.

    Steve Taylor - Service Manager
    Altoplanos Information Systems, Inc.
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