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    Question Video Capture advice

    I have just purchased a Sony DCR-TRVQ110E Digital 8 camcorder(Excellent), I want to edit video on my Celeron 400, 128mb ram, 17Gb Maxtor IDE HDD, and output back to VHS & CD

    Should I go for the ADS PYRO Digital Video 1394DV with the U-Lead Video Studio Editing Package included
    will the All in Wonder 128 32mb (16mb already out) with TV tuner & DVD support using SVHS connection be adequate for home use.

    Any one had any experience of either?

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    The ATI is a good board which has many uses and its own software bundled software. It can even be used w/ Ulead.

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    Thanks for you reply

    I am probably going for a combination of the 2 boards, have now ordered the ADS PYRO Digital Video 1394DV as it is the cheapest firewire option, but it does not have any analouge outputs or TV tuner. ATI should put a firewire connection on the All in Wonder 128in my opinion asap.


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