[RESOLVED] Millenium G200 not doing D3D
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Millenium G200 not doing D3D

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    Angry Millenium G200 not doing D3D

    Clean installation of Win98SE, driver/powerdesk from Win98SE CD,
    run of DxDiag (from Win98 installation in Program Files\directx\setup\DxDiag), test DirectDraw works OK, test Direct3D, works with software mode, hardware mode gives a white window with nothing more happening, mouse is responsive but that is it, machine has to be powered off.
    Remove driver with Matrox special uninstall utility. Install latest 08/31/98. Same behavior.

    And sure enough D3D game are locking the machine up.

    Known issue ???


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    Check with your motherboard manufacturer for the latest BIOS update and chipset drivers. I had a lot of problems with 3D games with an ATI card on an Asus P5A motherboard. Both Asus and ATI admitted to some incompatibilities and claimed to be working on updates and patches, but I just gave up and went to a 3Dfx card and have not had any trouble since.

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